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fat quarters 2Fabric Selection Made Easy

Making quilt tops can be fun and easy and doesn’t have to take up too much of your spare time. If you are looking for a great hobby and want some ideas, inspiration and instruction on how to put it all together, then you have found the right spot.

One of the best things about making a quilt is selecting the fabrics. Fortunately for us, fabric manufacturers have made it easy to find just the right combination of fabrics that naturally go together and these are often sold as fabric collections in pre-cut bundles of fat quarters or in jelly rolls at your local quilt shop.

Now, you might be asking yourself, What is a fat quarter or jelly roll? These are ways in which fabric can be pre-cut at a quilt shop. A fat quarter is a piece of fabric that measures 18″ x 22″, it is half of a half yard of fabric, or a quarter of a yard. The difference is how it is cut. In a normal quarter yard of fabric you will get 9 inches of cut with a full width of fabric; usually 44 to 45 inches. This is great if you want a long skinny strip of fabric, but not very useful. To cut a fat quarter, measure 18 inches of fabric from a bolt, and cut that. Then from that cut, open the fabric along the fold and cut along the fold. This will result in two pieces of cut fabric measuring 18 inches by 22 inches.

A jelly roll on the other hand is a rolled up grouping of fabrics from a collection. Each of the fabrics is pre-cut into 2 1/2 inch wide strips, which are then rolled together and tied with a ribbon.  Both fat quarter bundles and jelly rolls provide a nice selection of fabrics and cuts down on the amount of time you spend getting ready to sew your quilt top.

fabric selectionNow that I have purchased some fat quarters and a jelly roll, the next step will be to choose a pattern for a quilt block.  Stayed tuned for the next post!


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