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Baby It’s Cold Outside

It is 15 degrees BELOW zero for the high temperature today with a wind chill of 45 degrees below…
Take a close look at our front door hinge… The white frosting is NOT a part of the hardware. The wind blew so hard last night it frosted over the hinge! Too bad it isn’t real frosting- Luckily the sun is out now and is shining bright on this cold day- that always makes it seem warmer.


The snow and cold has made it easy to make the choice to stay indoors for the past two days. Unfortunately, I missed a local sew in to make pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer this weekend due to the weather…so I decided to make up for it today and make a few pillow cases to drop off for donations when the weather improves.

The supplies for one pillow case are 1/2 yard of main fabric and 1/4 yard of contrast or complimentary fabric. I had pre-purchased one kit, then dug through my stash for the supplies to make more.



I used the burrito method of construction which was fast and easy thanks to this tutorial on YouTube :

There are also many free patterns available on the All People Quilt web site:

So easy and makes a nice finished pillowcase in no time at all. See!

Three done – now back to the birch trees.

Winter Inspiration

Today it is really snowing!


And I have that blank spot on the wall just waiting for something that fits the space – so


I found this book, QUILTING IN BLACK AND WHITE by House of White Birches. I love the cover photo of the birches in winter quilt. The red cardinal adds the right amount of POP to the black and white graphic of birch trees. Our river birch clump is not quite as angular as this quilt depicts- but I still think the quilt is great.


I’ll just sew 6 of the 9″ x 18″ blocks in two rows of 3 blocks for my wall hanging. That will do a nice job of fitting the space and adding a bright focal point to a blank wall in the winter.

Finally Finished Projects- from 2013

As I reflected on 2013, and those finished and unfinished projects- I found a good number of finished projects. The First finally finished project below was in a box in my basement just waiting to be finished one day……..

This was a project started MANY years ago- it withstood a small disaster with water, and a trip to the dry cleaners before I finally sent it out for quilting. The pattern was an old mystery quilt pattern I found online- just love those clues. All of the fabric was purchased on super sale- this is one I will be happy to use outside for picnics.

The second finally finished project is a great mariner’s compass quilt. I had been wanting to make a Mariner’s compass forever, but wasn’t sure how to construct it so that the points were perfect. I happened to find a paper piecing pattern at a quilt shop and found these great patriotic colors for a nice square quilt that I use either on the back of a chair as a quick cover up on a chilly day or on top of a comforter for an added layer on a cold night. The paper piecing made it easy to get those perfect points on the star. After finishing the center compass square, I added large triangles and set the compass on point. I decided to keep going and make it larger, so I dug into my fabric stash and found enough to add a flying geese border……still not big enough so , I added 5 different borders of varying widths to finish it. I’m pretty pleased with the final look.


This last finally finished project is for fun. I could not resist the bright colors set in a dark background in this quilt. I found the pattern at my local quilt shop and had one of those- I just have to make that! – moments. The background fabric is like fireworks on a night sky- fun! This was really just a weekend project- and is a play quilt size or something that can be used as a throw across the shoulders or lap on chilly days. It is now waiting for someone who needs a smile and a bright blanket- maybe even take along to a fireworks display for July 4th.

I still have a couple of UFO’s but hope for time to finish those in 2014 – my current inspiration is a blank space on my wall for a winter wall hanging.

Looking back on 2013: A Few of My favorite Things

Guess what day it is??? Happy New Year!
It is a cold and snowy day here – we will be shoveling out and cross country skiing today. Hope to find some inspiration in nature while we are out. It could end up as a 2014 wall hanging or even full sized quilt.

During the past summer, I was inspired by some Lilipads


I took a picture and brought back some leaves to help me create this wall hanging for my mother’s birthday.



I used the double sided style iron-on fabric adhesive and traced my shapes, then applied one of the sticky sides to some great fat quarters I found at a cute fabric shop.



I used a variety of greens for the pads and shades of white to yellow for the flower.




I ironed the shapes into an arrangement that looked good to me, and then actually quilted it myself on my machine. I used a light weight batting and thread to match the top fabrics.