Baby It’s Cold Outside

It is 15 degrees BELOW zero for the high temperature today with a wind chill of 45 degrees below…
Take a close look at our front door hinge… The white frosting is NOT a part of the hardware. The wind blew so hard last night it frosted over the hinge! Too bad it isn’t real frosting- Luckily the sun is out now and is shining bright on this cold day- that always makes it seem warmer.


The snow and cold has made it easy to make the choice to stay indoors for the past two days. Unfortunately, I missed a local sew in to make pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer this weekend due to the weather…so I decided to make up for it today and make a few pillow cases to drop off for donations when the weather improves.

The supplies for one pillow case are 1/2 yard of main fabric and 1/4 yard of contrast or complimentary fabric. I had pre-purchased one kit, then dug through my stash for the supplies to make more.



I used the burrito method of construction which was fast and easy thanks to this tutorial on YouTube :

There are also many free patterns available on the All People Quilt web site:

So easy and makes a nice finished pillowcase in no time at all. See!

Three done – now back to the birch trees.

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