Monthly Archives: March 2014

Another Winter project DONE

So, I have finally put the binding on that rail fence quilt. I sent it out to the long-arm professional, and when it returned, it sat in the pile of UFO’s for a while- I do have a job you know…….
I found some fun play fabric for the backing that really fit the 1930’s retro look of the rail fence fabric material used on the quilt front. I also decided to purchase a commercial quilt binding for finishing.

The backing fabric has cute graphics of children playing – love it- And a story text that goes along with each frame. The full panel tells the whole story right up to ….The End. I think this quilt will be great for play and story time, don’t you?

I decided to machine stitch the commercial binding on. This is a real first for me. I tend to be more of a traditionalist, cutting out 2 1/2 inch strips, joining them with 45 degree angles, and ironing that strip in half before I add the binding to the back. I usually machine stitch to the front and hand stitch the binding in the back. Since this was somewhat of a first, I was concerned about the mitered corners, but they “seemed” to go together fairly well and it was MUCH faster.


Spring break

Spring time is almost here! I just love seeing bits of green pop up in the yard and on the trees! The pale green colors have inspired me this winter of the never ending snow. The light colors and smaller quilts have kept my mind on spring and my hands busy.
Here is one of the quilts I’ve recently finished.


I love the tesselating pattern with the windmills. This was fun to put together. I used some fat quarters I had sitting around that went together in a playful pattern- perfect for a baby gift. I used a commercial acrylic template to cut the shapes but, I think the way in which the piecing works leaves a whole lot of waste. I hate tossing out perfectly good fabric don’t you?

The binding and backing are the same fabric, a great marbled green solid. The hand stitching took no time -less than an evening of work this week. I finished it before one of the NCAA March madness games was over!

I had the quilting done by a professional long arm quilter- such a great way to go. It is well worth it to me to get the nice design choices and the professional finish for something I hope will become a family favorite. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to use my home machine to make such great designs! But until then, I’ll leave that to the experts.