Another Winter project DONE

So, I have finally put the binding on that rail fence quilt. I sent it out to the long-arm professional, and when it returned, it sat in the pile of UFO’s for a while- I do have a job you know…….
I found some fun play fabric for the backing that really fit the 1930’s retro look of the rail fence fabric material used on the quilt front. I also decided to purchase a commercial quilt binding for finishing.

The backing fabric has cute graphics of children playing – love it- And a story text that goes along with each frame. The full panel tells the whole story right up to ….The End. I think this quilt will be great for play and story time, don’t you?

I decided to machine stitch the commercial binding on. This is a real first for me. I tend to be more of a traditionalist, cutting out 2 1/2 inch strips, joining them with 45 degree angles, and ironing that strip in half before I add the binding to the back. I usually machine stitch to the front and hand stitch the binding in the back. Since this was somewhat of a first, I was concerned about the mitered corners, but they “seemed” to go together fairly well and it was MUCH faster.


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