Daily Archives: June 19, 2014

People Powered Quilting

I happily learned how to use the New Home Treadle sewing machine this week.  After the impulse buy at our monthly flea market/antique sale, my husband challenged me to create the next quilt on this machine – that way it won’t be so much of a dust collector – AND, I can justify the purchase by creating things!

Fortunately, there is a good deal of information on the internet about how to set up and operate treadle sewing machines.  I even found a source in the UK that has parts and accessories for this specific machine.  What a lucky find for me.  I ordered up another boat shuttle and some bobbins and I am waiting for them to arrive via post from England.  If anyone out there knows of a source for New Home supplies or accessories, please let me know.


As you can see, the stitching is just fine.  I decided to create a star block from my scrap pile.  I found the pattern for this block online.  It is apparently an old pattern called Blackford’s Beauty.


The scraps were from a charity baby quilt I made several years ago and I have ALMOST enough for 4 complete squares.  I will need to run out and try to match for a couple of pieces and for the backing.

DSCN0035[1]The colors are so pretty together.  I have completed one full block and will finish the rest (hopefully) today especially if we have another rainy day like yesterday.

DSCN0037[1]The finished block is larger than the pattern directions.  I trimmed up the finished block and will just match the next blocks to this one for size.  I am using the presser foot as a guide for the seam allowance and it is clearly less that 1/4 inch.  I’m not too worried about the seams getting loose though, the stitching is very accurate and  the stitches are very close together.  I wonder if this quilt will last as long as the machine has so far?  What do you think?

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