Scottish Highlands

View of the Firth of Forth from Princes Street in Edinburgh, Scotland

Second stop on our trip – Scotland.

Edinburgh has some great shopping and gorgeous gardens as well as historic buildings – as in a castle originally built in the 12th century in the middle of town –  and museums.  The city is clean, beautiful and easy to walk around if you don’t mind hills that make it easy to work off  a haggis meal.

Scottish Thistle
Thistle – The symbol of Scotland

The thistle in this picture was too perfect to pass up while walking through Princes Street Gardens, a public garden that is beautifully kept and full of people walking, picnicking, climbing the Sir Walter Scott Memorial, and generally enjoying themselves.

Princes Street Gardens Roses

I know there are no signs of quilts yet – but there were amazingly well planned flower beds and roses everywhere that could inspire a future quilt or wall hanging.

Scottish Tartan and Wool

Edinburgh has plenty of wool and tartan( no quilt shops that I saw however) and I really wanted to get a bolt of that excellent woven fabric, but again a lack of suitcase space kept my charge card in my purse.

Sterling Castle

On a sight-seeing day trip outside of Edinburgh we visited Sterling Castle and Loch Lomond – this being July, one would think that shorts and a t-shirt would be fine, right? But in Scotland, this day had a high temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  Now I know why they need so much wool.

Scotland Highlands

We ventured into the Highlands from Loch Lomond, walking up what felt like a 45 degree angle hill in order to see the Loch from the official highlands region of Scotland.  I felt like I could have been in a forest in the Pacific Northwest. The view was amazing!  Perhaps these giant ferns will provide some additional inspiration for future projects of the knit or sew variety.

Loch Lomand
View of Loch Lomand near the Oak Tree Inn

Stay tuned for our third  and last stop on the tour  …… I did manage to find a couple of souvenirs there to serve as cushions for my tea cup and saucer.

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