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What do you do with Scraps?

Make another quilt!  The left-over fabric from a queen sized Tennessee Waltz quilt I made a few years ago is the perfect amount for a small quilt.

scrap strips
scrap strips

As you can see, I have a batik with greens and blues, some red with a flower pattern, and white strips too.  My first thought was to do something with the strips sewn together – like a Lone Star or something, but I also had a bunch of left-over half-square triangles.DSCN0792As you can see, this creates some more possibilities.

I decided to go with the triangles, and made this using just the white and batik!


I stopped at a small size; 23″ X 28″ and have enough batik and white strips left to do something interesting with the border, starting with a 2 1/2 inch strip of white – then I’ll add another border.


Presidents Day Project

I had a bag of red, white and blue pre-sewn fabric strips sitting….wait, you’ll never guess –  in a box which was in a closet down in the basement for ohhhhh, about a year.  Just waiting to be made into a patriotic quilt for a local Quilts of Valor group.

width of fabric strips – sewn in groups of 3

The only thing that each of these strip sets has in common is that they are composed of three different fabrics, and that they are all mainly red, white and blue.  The width of the individual strips varies as well as the seam – so making anything with exact matching was completely out.


For this project,  I modified a pattern that makes use of fabric strips and decided to go with a completely scrappy look.


The strips had to be sewn together to get a width of 12.5 inches.  I then cut the strip sets into 12.5 inch squares.  This required quite a bit of squaring up since the strips were a bit wobbly – but I can’t complain – someone had sewn the sets together for the QOV group as their gift of time.

DSCN0842 DSCN0843

Two 12.5 inch blocks are then placed right sides together but with one of the two squares turned a quarter turn so that the stripes are perpendicular to each other.

DSCN0844 DSCN0845

This 12.5 inch block is then sewn together along the 4 outside edges of the block with a 1/4 inch seam.


Once the seam is sewn all the way around the block, the large 12.5 inch block is cut into 4 blocks.  To do this, I place a ruler from corner to corner and cut first one way, then from the opposite corner to corner making an X cut through the center of the square.


The triangles from this “X” cut are pressed open at the seam, and the resulting 4 blocks ( from the original 12.5 inch square) each have a unique pattern.  You can see that the stripes switch directions in the middle of the block.



DSCN0851 I decided to go with a random pattern when putting all of the blocks together, so that with the variation in strip width and variation in fabrics, the scrappiness – is that a word?- would work in the overall pattern.

DSCN0853 DSCN0854

The resulting quilt has 36  twelve inch (finished size) squares in six rows of six.  While not in a specific pattern, it has some continuity as the strips end up forming square shapes or “arrows”.  For a border, I used the left-over strip sets created by the QOV group.  Unfortunately, they were not long enough, so – again scrappy and a bit hodge-podge, but all in all a good day’s work.


It is my wish that this finished quilt keeps a deserving veteran warm and cozy!

To find out more about a QOV group near you, the requirements for quilts, and how you can help, click the link:

Good Luck with your project – let me know how it turns out!



Fun Project

DSCN0757I  picked up a quick pre-cut kit for making a “playtime” quilt in a cute little quilt shop while vacationing in Wisconsin.  The fat-quarter friendly project of Safari Playground prints went together in no time at all.

completed playtime quilt

You can see that I have a bit of fabric left after using the striped fat quarter for binding.  What to do?  …….a quick stuffed animal project or soft book to go along with the play-time quilt………. Any ideas? Send them my way.


Here is a close-up of the binding. I love the stripes!


The pre-cut package included 7 prints and enough fabric for the top and  binding.  Backing was not included, but fortunately I was able to find the same fabric line at my local shop.