Daily Archives: April 1, 2015

Quilting up a Puppy Project


OK – we are currently pet-less if that is a word, and I am thinking that it is time to get a puppy for our house.  The kids are grown and moving out, and I need some replacement for that missing time and attention given to the kids!!  So, I found this cute stack of fabrics with a puppy print and decided to make a tumbling blocks quilt – puppy sized.


This was my first attempt at a tumbling block quilt, and I think that the project would have been better with some higher contrast fabrics, or better planning in placement.  The hardest part? Y-Seams.  If you know of a pattern without using the Y-seam, let me know!

DSCN0875[1] DSCN0874[1]

The best part was seeing the seams aligned after sewing down one side, then pivoting 1/4 inch before the corner, then sewing down the other side.  – all this piece needs is a little press with the iron.

Finished Y-seam
See the next post for my progress!