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1930s kite pattern
1930’s Kite Pattern

I know I have posted on this quilt before, but I found out some new  information about the quilt pattern today that I would like to share with you!

The individual kite squares were hand pieced in the 1930’s by my husband’s great-grandmother.  Luckily for us, the pieced blocks (joined by machine in the 1930’s) were not damaged by time.

Today, as I was surfing the net for background information on the pattern, I found this website – Moore About Nancy:  The Kite quilt block.    This blog, written by Candice Moore,  has information on the pattern when it was published in both 1933 and 1877.   Candice explains about the pattern when it was posted in 1933 in the Chicago Tribune.  The Kite pattern was one in a series of patterns by Nancy Cabot.  Thanks Candice 🙂

Candice notes in her blog post that the pattern was also published much earlier in the Progressive Farmer as Star Kites 1877.  The hand written pattern can be found on the Quilt Index website.

Can you just imagine someone in 1877 reading this pattern, then sitting down to sew the kite squares by hand?  Now, you too can continue this time-honored tradition by slowing down, unplugging the electronics (did I just say that!) and joining the slow quilting movement at least for a little while.

Happy Sewing or Surfing – and Enjoy this Spring Day – maybe even fly a kite 🙂

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