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London Finds

Changing of the Guards
I’ll give you three guesses about where I took this photo –  write and tell me the location if you know know it – and if you have been there too!

This month, our family vacation took us across the pond for a visit.  Our trip first family trip overseas celebrated the milestone that both of our children are now officially university graduates – yes!  Keeping my hobbies and this blog in mind, I had a plan to try and visit quilt and knit shops in each country we visited – between museum visits and site-seeing of course. I’ll share what I found in my next few posts.

Our first stop was England where we spent all of our time in and around London.  There is so much to do there and so much left to see – the next time! It is a bustling city made even more so with our timing Wimbledon going on, the Tour de France, and all the pubs showing the World Cup.

While staying in London, we visited Buckingham Palace, the London Tower, the British Museum, Arsenal Football stadium, and took a Thames River cruise! We were able to do most of our traversing the city via the London Tube which is quite an experience.  In addition, we walked everywhere, it is a surprisingly easy city to navigate if you have a map!  Of course shopping was on the itinerary, and we found great little shopping areas in Greenwich near the National Maritime Museum and the Prime Meridian where GMT time is set each day.  We also wandered a bit on the cobblestones of Camden Passage to shop while in London.

vintage tea cup

It didn’t take much looking through boxes of china at one of the many vendors set up in small storefronts along Camden passage, before I found this gorgeous tea cup and saucer to bring home as a souvenir.   I could have come home with a box of these little treasures, but my suitcase was already dangerously close to the weight limit, and I didn’t want to break anything. Now, I’ll have a nice cup for the Earl Grey I picked up at The East India Company flagship store on Conduit Street in London.

loop knitting

While contemplating tea cups and patterns, I found Loop; an adorable knit shop, so  I stopped in to see what a London knit shop looks like.  They have loads of yarn in all colors and weights, with two levels of shopping.

Loop Knitting
I decided at that moment that I would pick up wool from each country we visited as my souvenir.

As for Loop, it is a quaint two story shop with places to sit and knit and plenty of yarn to choose from.   They are on the web – so you can order online if you wish! The women working at the store were courteous and helpful in pointing me toward something that I hadn’t seen in shops here in the states,  as they could see I went for anything with England or UK on the label – and I definitely did not sound like a Londoner.  While there were several local choices, the yarn I chose from Loop is a 4-ply fingering weight, hand-dyed merino/silk blend in a yummy colourway called Oak from Yorkshire.  The supplier is Eden Cottage Yarns, who also sell online!  I have 400m of this soft yarn to knit into something fun  – probably socks this fall.  Let me know if you have any ideas for me.